Managerial Consulting and Coaching

DevManage acclaimed managerial consulting and coaching awakens and arouses more of the management potential from software development managers and software project managers.
When starting a new role, when additional managerial skills are required, or just when there is a need to boost some managerial skills, DevManage’s experienced consultants help managers overcome their challenges, avoiding frequently overlooked and costly mistakes.

Below are some of the common questions which are raised by software development managers, and which are processed through these sessions:

  • What should I change to better manage my team?

  • How do I effectively manage my time?

  • How do I handle conflicts? Crises?

  • How can I lead effective 1-on-1 and team meetings?

  • How do I establish and maintain a winning team?

  • How should I give and receive effective feedback?

  • How do I balance micro and macro management?

  • How can I best empower and delegate?

During coaching and consulting sessions, through discussing real day-to-day scenarios from the software development world, managers learn to triumph over their challenges and acquire the confidence to succeed through future predicaments as well.

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