Software Development Technology & Tools

Using adequate technology and tools throughout the development process has a major impact on development efficiency and outcome quality.
DevManage brings its experience with technology and tools that cover project management, software configuration management, requirement management, design, bug and issue tracking, testing tools, integrated development environment and more.

Solutions vary from vendors high-end product suites to free simple open source products.

The following services can be provided as a whole or each one separately, dealing with a specific tool or with a suite of tools.

  • Technology & tools selection
    Using a combination of AHP-based and use-cases selection method ensures the selection of cost-effective technology and tools.

  • Technology & tools optimization
    Configuring the selected tools & technology to best support the defined methods and best practices.

  • Technology & tools integration and automation
    Integrating various software tools and technologies (vendors and in-hose developed) facilitate the creation of an integrated and automated environment.

  • Technology & tools implementation
    Providing training sessions, proactive guidance and support to the various users of the technology & tools.

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