Agile Adoption

"Agile" is an approach to software development that has helped software teams to become more responsive to customer needs and produce tangible results faster.
Agile methods (mainly Scrum and XP) are becoming now an accepted part of the software development mainstream.

DevManage brings a practical approach to Agile adoption, presenting the Agile Adoption Framework.  The framework is based on the People-Methods-Technology concept and includes all required activities that should be taken in order to achieve a successful Agile adoption

DevManage's three phases of the Agile Adoption Framework:

  1. Agile Initiation
    Agile adoption requires management commitment. In order to migrate to an agile approach, management needs to make strategic decisions at the very beginning of the adoption process.  Agile methods such as Scrum and XP do not provide answers to all aspects of software development management.
    DevManage recommends starting the agile adoption with the creation of transition strategy and definition of the Agile practices that best fit the organization’s objectives and culture.
    DevManage provides the required Agile training and consulting services that assist the organization to complete a successful Agile Initiation phase. 

  2. Agile Setup
    Adopting Agile is a major change to most software development organization.
    The required setup includes detailed definition of the adopted Agile practices, tailored training and workshops to all teams and roles, technology and tools Agile optimization and implementation detailed plan.
    DevManage assists with the performance of People-Methods-Technology setup required for the Agile transition.

  3. Agile Implementation
    Being a major change, Agile transition rarely starts entirely smoothly. There are changes in mindset, roles, methods and tools, so it is natural that some adjustments are necessary during the initial implementation.
    DevManage provides guidance and support by experienced agile experts that can help with overcoming these challenges.

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